Sunday, February 6, 2000

This Distance That Divides

Saturday February 6th, 2000 
You all the way over there,
Our worlds so far apart,
This distance that divides,
This time I wish to quickly wind.

I sit in my couch to stare
Out across this beautiful Hobart,
But it's my memory of you that abides;
That has captivated my mind.

Maybe I am crazy,
That I should want to be with you;
Some might call it a fantasy,
That I so quickly should think ahead.

I know the future's hazy,
That we've just met each other too;
God decides what's to be,
And by His will we should be led.

But into my heart you're sinking,
I feel it as I pray;
My excitement goes through the ceiling,
Without a single ounce of shame.

I just can't stop myself from thinking
About you every single day;
Wondering if you're feeling
Any of the same.


For Catherine Davies

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