Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fifteen Circuits Of Our Sun

My sunlit bride on this carousel,
Most precious to me on this planet jewel.
Worth every gem, and more, below the tide;
Loved more than all of Earth's treasures wide.

I'm born of below, but belong to you,
My wife and lifelong companion true.
Not a moment of our marriage has been
Without Christ's gift of everlasting gain.

This sojourn that we're journeying through,
Much happier to me and bless'd with you.
We're becoming who we will one day be,
Through life together so deep in beauty.

Though time comes and tears to refine our peace;
The pain of past, every priceless piece,
No memories won't glow through eyes of joy,
In the future far beyond this world's toil.

And when Earth itself finally stops to turn,
And Sun and stars lose their final light,
We will long then be swallowed up in life,
And what we have built here will ever shine.


For Cath on our 15th Wedding Anniversary, today! ...

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